Ibiza is known for its famous club’s and wild parties. However, it is also much sought by the elderly and families. As a summer point, the season begins and ends each year, which is much awaited, especially by young people and GLS public. Ibiza is just “alive” in the summer! The best time to go to Ibiza is in August and September when the island has less tourists and a more select audience, many Europeans, especially the famous international DJ’s who really enjoy the culture of electronic music. If you want to go in the “best period”, choose the last 15 days of September, that’s the end of the season and the island will be really HOT. In these last fifteen days exclusive parties are held, and the Dj’s plays the best “sets” of the season and you can see the largest concentration of world’s TOP DJ’s performing at the same time. Therefore, it is why the island is known as the “Disney of Clubs.”
The worst time to go to Ibiza is between 15/JUNE to 15/AUGOST. And the “worst” is JULY! Do not go!
In the summer there are regularly flights from most of Europe to Ibiza. From Spain there are many options every day!
When you arrive on the island, rent a car! The island is quite large. Then you can go to the various clubs and visit beautiful beaches! Otherwise, you will spend too much money in the taxi!
In the airport you start to get the “feeling of Ibiza” and believe that the island really lives for the clubs and the clubs live for Ibiza! With a perfect synergy! 

We were there in the middle of summer in mid-August. It was hot! Over 35 degrees! We took our car and we went into the hotel with some directions and a map in hand. But do not worry because soon you are located, is very easy to get around the island. 

The hotels in Ibiza are generally expensive and the famous hotels are very expensive, so choose the location and cost benefit, because you are not going to sleep there! The island is quite simple, with simple buildings except for some BIG Houses of some millionaires. Ibiza remind us Balneario Camburiú in Santa Catarina, Brazil. So the hotels are also simple, with small rooms and not very comfortable. But at least with air conditioning in the majority, because there it’s really hot! Our hotel was on Figueretas beach. Well located, quiet and close too many restaurants and shops. There are clubs all over the city with easy access, so we don’t recommend staying close of the club’s even if you are single and love party every day, because it’s really noisy! 

Ibiza lives much of the clubs: Club Shops, flyers, posters, promoters, and ticket sale all over the island. And it has many bars with Dj’s playing, always nice electronic music. But the island is much more than that! In addition to enjoying the very great nights in clubs, you can also enjoy the day in Ibiza, because there are many beautiful beaches for all tastes! Deserted, Nudism, with Dj’s, to relax, to dance, always with the translucent sea water!! Real cool days In Ibiza! So don’t sleep too much and enjoy the magic island! 

Best clubs: 

With so many options to have fun, which place should I choose to enjoy the nightlife? Which club to go today? As there are clubs open from Monday to Monday. … 

The first tip for a nice party is to select the club by the DJ who will perform that night. The second is to know which of the club’s and parties are the coolest every day. To help you find this answer, there are posters and flyers of the parties spread throughout city, and of course always with the lineup of the night. Another tip is to know that in every club each night there is a party with a different theme, and the club, go-go-dancers and flyers will be in accordance with the theme of the day. That’s awesome!! Another good tip is to know that the best days or nights are from Sunday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday, usually the club’s are crowded and the DJ’s play commercial sets! 

Some tips before you leave for your parties in Ibiza: 

Have a NICE Happy Hour with a LOT of drinks before going to the clubs! The drinks in the club’s are like the “price of gold!” A long neck beer can cost $ 18 Euros and a small water $ 15 Euros. 

Tickets are sold with discount in advance in a number of locations. On the beaches, club shops, and at center of San Antonio. 

On average for enter on the clubs cost between $ 20 – $ 80 Euro / night / person. But if you’re together, let to buy at the door and ask for your girlfriend or wife to talk to the security, because they always will give a free pass for your girl and only charge you. 

Now, all information to a cool party in Ibiza. The most famous club’s!

There are others clubs in Ibiza. Check out the links:

Best Beachs and sightseeing in Ibiza:   

Ibiza’S Fort is maginific!  Amazing sea and city view !  

Calle Salada: one of the most beautiful and calm beaches of the island.  

 Playa Salinas:  Sa Trinxa – Lounge cool, cool people and chillout music during all day.  

Playa den Bossa – A lot of promoters giving out discont invitation or freepass. At Bora – Bora Heavy party and sweaty people!  

San Antonio – Port, shops,  souveniers, Club’s shops, good restaurants. Gret to have a “sangria”, listening nice music!