Amsterdam, late afternoon, after a day of study, work, or even for us who faced 15 hours between plane and airport. Have your happy hour at Vondel Park is priceless!!

Retro Bikes, roller skate, jogging, everything is valid to have fun at the park! Friends doing an alcoholic and “green” picnic, parents, children playing. Everything is perfect in the spring afternoon in VONDEL Park! The beautiful and silent view is in harmony with the people, expressed in father’s smile to his baby, in a frizzbe thrown to a dog and in the sound of a guitar. Young people, families and business men are integrated with nature. Total democracy! Oh, by the way did you know that people can have sex in the park?! Yea its law in Amsterdam! But we didn’t see anybody having, sorry!
The park is magic! The colors of the trees contrasting with the flowers and small lakes are beautiful! The wind, the sun coming out from behind clouds and trees complete the perfect scenario! It sounds nerd, but the scene is a nirvana!
You don’t even need to use the local hallucinogens to “have a trip”!